KOMIKSAMS – Studio in Sydney specialising in Design & Creative Experiences

Meet your troublemaker

Hi I'm Samantha Borg - Creative & Designer from Sydney. Welcome to KOMIKSAMS–my studio for creative chaos.

I specialise in solving creative problems for brands and crazy cats like you. The medium is never the blocker (I love a good challenge); it's always been about great storytelling, unique ideas, laser focus and pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

Any opportunity to create something remarkable makes me feel at home. My creative DNA is deep, diverse and ages like wine. From creative direction, photography, crafting digital experiences and building world class design teams...

...I'm always on the prowl for my next creative pursuit. I'm based in Sydney, but open to chat wherever you might be.

Currently Product Design Lead at Spaceship. Former Head of Design at Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN).

My Principles

A few things I carry through my life and work ↘

Have Heart

Dream big. All or nothing. If you're planning to do something, do it with passion. Don't stop half way, finish it! Life's too short for half-awesome work.

Stay Curious

The world is your oyster for discovering the unknown. Use data to your advantage and use failure as insight not barrier. Think deeply and stay open. Be hungry.

Hustle Hard

There's nothing more satisfying than crossing goals off a list. Live in the present, stay productive. Be a goal digger. Be romantic about the process, don't chase fast success.

Be Humble

Everyone has their own narrative to tell - it's what makes humans unique. The more time you spend comparing your success, the less time you have to craft your own.

Make Ripples

Innovate. It's okay to take the first step, raise the bar, be bold, be weird. History was made memorable by troublemakers and changemakers, not guardian angels.

Stay Genuine

Stand by your thoughts. Tell the audience what you mean, not what you wish you told them because you were beating around the bush. Always think win-win.

Speak Simply

Not everything needs an answer, sometimes silence is golden, and sometimes.. less is more. If you can't explain it simply - you don't understand it well enough or you've over-engineered its beauty.

Serve First

Lead from the trenches, never from the pedestal above. Seek to understand first, listen and have empathy. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. Serve your team so they can serve you.

Amazing humans I've worked with

Samantha always provided strategic and tactical design insights that allowed us to launch and iterate products fast and well. She has a great balance of aesthetic design skills, user-focused design, teamwork and execution management - making her an invaluable team member for any product and design team. Pasha Rayan Co-founder, InsideSherpa

Samantha is the swiss-army knife kind of designer for a project - she is a talented and versatile designer that is able to implement growth techniques, UX practices and good design standards. Sam has always taken a true interest in each task to deliver designs that have truly changed the outcome of our products for the better. Sam has the ability to intuitively understand problems faced by users, project stakeholders and manages tight deadlines very well. Tushar Bhatia Growth, Atlassian

Fast with incredible design intelligence, Samantha is the type of no-BS designer who is able to drive deliverables with minimal direction. As the Acquisitions lead designer she took new ideas and scoped them into fully fleshed out features. Samantha is incredibly driven and pragmatic; she became a favourite amongst product managers and design leaders as not only the designer for getting things done but for being an awesome no-ego team player. A must hire for anyone looking to drive design culture at their company. Dean Pham Senior Product Designer, RateSetter

Sam is the #1 draft pick of designers. Incredibly quick on her feet, she can effortlessly juggle projects with tight timelines or entire brand guidelines with ease. She lives and breathes great UX and can create a beautiful design out or nothing or disseminate whats wrong with a current design and give actionable insights. Truly a delight to work with, I would highly recommend Sam and would love to work with her again. Stefan Hogan Senior Product Manager, Cover Genius

Austern International has now hired Samantha as a photographer and videographer 3 times in various locations; to Singapore, Hong Kong and New York. Each time she has not ceased to amaze us with her professionalism and quality content. She is truly a gem to work with, and always keeps our needs in mind to deliver work that is above and beyond. Lily Wu Global Host Success, New Campus