Spaceship Brand – A collection of projects and experiments related to maturing the Spaceship brand presence.

Visual Design


Spaceship is a financial services company with a mission to help you invest in your future, so you can live the life you want to live.

I joined the team in late 2019 as solo designer with alot of polish todo from previous design on the branding front. Aside from an small app component library, brand one pager and logos, I was given free reign to help mature the branding.

Brand Guidelines

As part of the website consolidation project I created a new brand guideline to document our new design language and visual elements.

Company Value Badges

To celebrate our company values I helped illustrate new badges to represent what we stand for. We have a handy abbreviation "F-A-C-T-S". Forward-thinking, Accessible, Curious, Transparent and Straightforward. I had fun creating these.

Website Consolidation Project

When I started at Spaceship we had two seperate websites for our two products – Spaceship Voyager and Spaceship Super. Both product websites sat on seperate domains with different branding. I was mindblown. How had they gone so long without consolidating the two?

This project was HUGE, requiring me to redesign - every - single - page - of the website and refresh our branding to have it all fit together. Although challenging, this project was rewarding to finally launch and I'm very grateful for the dream team I worked closely with to make this happen. The new website is now live at