Spaceship App – A collection of projects shaping the core mobile and web app experiences.

Mobile App
Web App


Spaceship has two product offerings: Spaceship Voyager (investment) and Spaceship Super (superfund), with interesting platform challenges.

My work with Spaceship involves solving product problems across both mobile and web apps, while also contributing to product strategy for the future.

Spaceship Voyager Web App

This was my first project when I joined the 'ship'. The brief? Create a web app experience to compliment the exisiting mobile app experience and explore the untapped potential of allowing Voyager members to access the product from any browser.

One Spaceship

Ongoing project that aims to bring our two separate product experiences, Spaceship Voyager and Spaceship Super into one combined product. Our first phase of this project is exploring the potential of offering our Super experience for current Voyager members through our mobile app.

Component Library

Ongoing side project that I started to make internal product design for us faster, efficient and more consistent. One day this could be our very own design system..